Book Launch Diary: 12 days to go!

Successful Business Minds - FrontCoverFriday was a productive varied day!

I did a financial review with a client in Spain, trained another client in two very important accounting concepts (accruals & deferred income) and finalised management accounts for a local client.  This on top of admin (although still a bit more to do!) and corresponding with a new friend at the other end of the country.

It was a day that was very different to most of the others this week. There was a little book-related stuff but not much. I drafted up my newsletter and started pulling together a sample to give away to folk to tell them more about it!

I love a varied life but there was once a time when I thought I had to choose just one thing. That was either going to be an Accountant, an NLP Coach, a Hypnotherapist, an Author, or maybe a Reiki therapist.

We are told that to master a skill we should just do that one thing. Whilst I agree to what that message is trying to say, I disagree. I believe to master a skill we have to live and breath it. That means that thing that we do must be something that (a) comes naturally to us and (b) we do it in our business life and personal life.

It drove me crazy when I had to choose to between all the different identities I had. The moment I realised I could be all the things I knew how to do but in a way that was me, I felt more aligned and clear what I wanted.

One day for me can be very different to the next. Yet when I look at the week, or review the month, there is a nice balance for me. It reflects all the things I am passionate about.

The core foundation of Successful Business Minds is about all the different identities and desires we have. I wrote the book to remind me and hopefully help a few others.

Gone are the days when we must choose just one thing.

Gone are the days when we have to choose between our heart and our head!

My own business (and life) proves this works. The businesses and lives of my clients do too.

© Helen Monaghan

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