Book Launch Diary: 13 days to go!

Successful Business Minds - FrontCover

Mary, my editor, scared me today!

I came back into the office after running this morning’s finance masterclass to be met by Margaret telling me Mary had called, emailed and text’d me. I looked at her with horror to which she quicky added, you’re not to panic though, everything is ok. She’s just trying to get hold of you.

But panic was exactly what I did, in my head at least!

Then Margaret explained that last night just as Mary was about to send it to the printers, she couldn’t get a nagging feeling out her head about wanting to change the format of something. She just wanted to tell me, and ask if I wanted a glossy cover or matt which was something she had forgotten to ask me in the excitement yesterday.

I calmed down and then phoned Mary. She explained her actions and I again felt a rush of gratitude at her passion for wanting it to look good because she believes it has a powerful message. That and she just likes things to be nicely laid out!

As we spoke on the phone she sent it to the printers, in Italy! I always wanted to have an international book 😉

I felt myself relax into the afternoon knowing that it was definitely gone and we have confirmation that, all being well, it will be with us by Wednesday next week!

I also got added reassurance that the concepts introduced in the book were of value today. I introduced two things that are in the book, with my finance masterclass this morning, as homework. I wanted to see just how effective they would be  without me actually coaching someone through them (this is likely something I should have trialled before writing the book but hey I took a chance!).

This evening I received an email from one of the masterclass members – “Just completed part 1 of my homework – very powerful…”

It gave me a warm fuzzy feeling that they had reached an insight. I always feel so privileged when I see that happen in front of me when I am coaching. It’s a beautiful experience.

I think that is the one thing I will miss by coaching people through this book rather than in a 1-1 session or in a workshop/masterclass. I am still doing these but I wrote the book to help more people as my time is restricted. The book seemed the obvious thing to do. It was either that or an online course but as I just love writing, the book made more sense!

Oh, and I choose gloss for the front cover.

© Helen Monaghan

If you would like to order a copy of the book Successful Business Minds for £14.99 + P&P you can do so below.

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