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Dear Lightworker

The world is having a tough time right now, and it needs you to embrace what you know. The people on this planet need you to be seen and heard. Yes it’s scary, change always is. Although, if you’ve ever seen a stagnate pond it ain’t pretty either and quite frankly it stinks!

Truthfully, I’m not a massive fan of change, but together we can help one another. However, I need to see you, my family and friends need to see you, and those in my community need to see you.

When you make up your mind to shine, I’m here for you and your business. I might be an accountant and author of 3 business books, but I’m also a reiki master, a psychology graduate and have studied NLP and hypnotherapy, alongside a lot of other ‘woowoo’ stuff. I totally get you, I really do.

I know it’s hard to make the transition when most people around you only see black and white

Can you imagine how hard it was (and still is) for me as an accountant to speak out about energy, or to just be an accountant when everyone, including some people I looked up to for guidance, told me accountants didn’t have a soul.

However, for everyone who judges us, there are far more who get us and support us. Remember those who judge, are only doing so due to their past conditioning. No-one is superhuman. Send them love and move on.

I know you’re scared to be seen and heard

I know you’re ashamed to make money from what comes so naturally to you. I know you feel guilty to profit from doing spiritually creative work. I once was too, but the more we’re seen, the more we can help others. And lots of people need help right now. Remember too, a business needs to make a profit in order to survive, just as we need air to breathe.

Instead of seeing money through the lens of greed, choose to see money through the lens of love (inspired by Gabby Bernstein’s quote – “I see through the lens of love”).

Money in its natural form is an exchange. When we exchange our services or products for money, it then allows us to put food on the table, pay our bills, and more importantly, invest in our business in order to reach more people.

How we feel and show up each day defines us, not money

Please take strength from your daily meditation practice. You know all the answers can be found there.

OK so you may have a few blocks. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all have hang ups from our past conditioning, but the time has come to work through them. I know people who can help, as do you.

It’s time to accept the role you were given at birth, and take action.

Please share this message with your buddies on the training courses you’ve attended and from the swaps you do. Together you need to stand tall and support each other to shine. I’m here for you when you do.

Helen Monaghan

Author of Successful Business MindsThe Magical Mix of Money & Tax and 12 Steps to Improve Your Cashflow and fellow lightworker.


Helen Monaghan is a Chartered Management Accountant, accredited NLP Practitioner & Hypnotherapist, Finance Coach and is both a psychology graduate (The Open University) and an accountancy graduate (The University of Stirling). She is the author of three business books, which beautifully bring together psychology, finance, and tax to empower the reader about money, and is the founder of HM Finance Coaching Ltd, a company that provides financial education and business mindset coaching to small businesses across the UK, in addition to accountancy services for limited companies in Scotland.

© HM Finance Coaching Ltd

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  1. We are living through unprecedented times in human history on this Planet. You are absolutely right Helen light workers must step up, be visible and embrace gracefully their gifts. Our service to humanity is much needed right now. People looking for assistance how to navigate through challenging tranaformational times.