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Do you track your progress or do you like being kept in the dark?

You may be familiar with the latest gadget: the fitness tracker. Perhaps you have one? I resisted at first but eventually I seen the value in them and bought one for myself at Christmas. Within 2 days I was in love with it.

I have the Garmin vivofit3 (being a purple sheep, I had to go against the Fitbit grain…) and it links to 2 apps on my phone. I deliberately starting tracking it on Christmas day as I am a firm believer in taking action ‘today’. If you want change why wait…

It has since told me that I’m not as active as I thought I was (either at home or in the office), I’ve been burning less calories than I was consuming (food & drink). Plus it has also given me an insight into just how hard it is to do the targeted steps each day! Yet, despite the ‘bad’ news… I love it because I find it very similar to checking in with our accounts.

Often we are in the dark with our finances. We might have an idea what our sales were, or what our expenses are and yet we can often still be in for a shock when we do our year-end accounts.

So tell me, do you know how much you sold last month? Do you know how much you spent? What about your profit for the year; was it higher or lower than you expected?

And more importantly, are you happy with these results? Do they support you financially?

If yes, well done! If not, then can I suggest that you set time aside each month to catch up with your finances especially if you are always a little shocked when it come to your tax bill.

Love Helen x

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