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Does your partner or best friend always agree with you when it comes to money & success?

Most relationships I know, have one individual self-employed whilst their partners and/or best friends are employed. This can sometimes cause a little bit of tension when one partner has different beliefs about money and success than the other. I experienced this myself early on in my business and last week I discovered that my partner’s belief system around debt (i.e. mortgage/ loans) was a little different to mine.

Thankfully we both agree that we hate loan interest and want to pay off any debts (i.e. mortgage) as quickly as we can, but I discovered that he feels differently about it than I do. I don’t like debt any more than he does, but I see it as a useful tool in certain circumstances. We realised that my role as an accountant enabled me to be a little more emotionally-detached from debt than him. Thus, even although we both agreed and said the same things about debt, our feelings were different and this influenced our beliefs around it.

I see this a lot with clients; partners disagreeing on money and success beliefs either mentally or emotionally. Also, most business owners (whose partner or friends are employed) can often feel they lack support and understanding of the decisions they have to make, from their partner or friends. I wanted to write a book about this and I will be soon! I just have to finish writing How to do your Tax Return with Ease first…

The good news is I did write a blog about this earlier (in Feb 2017) and would you like to remind you about it. Even although you think your partner/ best friend/ parents may agree with you on money and success beliefs, I encourage you to explore a little deeper. The reason being is that when you are aligned with your beliefs, you get a successful business AND a successful relationship!

Does your business support you AND your partner needs or just yours?

Often when we focus on what we want when running a business or progressing in our career we can forget about our partner. I was talking last week to a couple of clients about how we can find ourselves believing we are helping our relationships but in actual fact, we are neglecting them.

Neglect could simply be working late at the office, or burying our head in a project whilst our partner sits in another room in the house. It can also be failing to support their needs.

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Take care and speak to you again next week.

Love Helen x

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