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How much do you love your business?

I discussed last week how I can often fall out of love with my business when I am feeling the pressure of deadlines. I wonder if you have ever considered times when you have not loved your business.

Perhaps, if I share more about me it might help you to identify a few things for yourself.

I truly love my business, when I enjoy the work I do, with whom and have a balance of time and money. I am very lucky to work with amazing clients who I think are all doing fabulous work with other businesses and individuals, which are ultimately helping people one way or another. I feel I am part of one big team and that makes me feel really good about what I do.

Getting the balance of time and money is something that has taken me a few years to get right! Finally thanks to the techniques I talk about in Successful Business Minds, I have a better balance of time and money now and a business I love. Life still challenges me but I feel I have almost perfected it now. The next book (Mastering the 4 Minds) is all about how we maintain that.

What would make you love your business more? Is it working with customers that are aligned with what you are passionate about? Or maybe, it would be when you are financially supported? Or perhaps, it is something else? For example, this year for me is about taking better care of my physical health, therefore my business has to help me support that intention.

I would truly love to know what it is for you and if I, or if anyone in my network, could help you with that. I want you to be in love with your business so please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Love Helen x

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