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There are 169,517 books on when I search ‘tax’ and yet many people still come to me asking for help to do their return. Mostly because the answers are not in these books which is why I’m now writing one that does!

Most business owners always put their accounts on the back burner and file their tax return last minute or send their book-keeping to their accountant with only a few weeks until the deadline. Whilst a small handful of business owners (admittedly not many) are fairly swift in filing their tax return and sending their bookkeeping in. A few of these business owners have come to me for help first, whilst others have always been quick to send me their accounts. Therefore, being the analytical, reflective and helpful person I am I then asked the following question:

What is the difference between those who file early and those who don’t?

In summary, there are 12 recognisable differences, which gave me a reason to write another book with the solutions to the challenges business owners (sole traders and directors) face when doing their accounts and filing their tax return. Some of these are a lack of knowledge around the practical steps required, whilst others relate to the mindset and time management. I also recognised a few of these challenges myself.

That then got added to my list of books to write (6 at the last count…) and I found myself trying to write those 6 books mornings, evenings and weekends which ultimately got me a bit lost and overwhelmed. Then whilst reading a book about how to get things in order, I got my answer!

The author, Sarah Knight, is very well organised and makes decisions easily and in line with what she wants and needs (although she admits in her first book, which I highly recommend too, she made a few mistakes along the way). Yet, by her own admission, she still struggles with filing her tax return. She then proceeds to say in her introduction*  “maybe you can write a book about how to file your *** taxes… and I’ll be the first in line to buy it”.

Thank-you Sarah!

(*How to get your sh*t together – How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do by Sarah Knight).

I’m now about half-way with 22,000 words and have finalised the structure and layout and then I’m off to Spain next month to a 5-day writing retreat to polish it off before sending out for review, then editing. The plan was that this book is in the public domain by January 2018 but workload has pushed this book back. However, please sign up to get updates (see below).

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