How to make a quick decision

I wrote Successful Business Minds primarily to help business owners make better decisions because there are so many people quick to tell us how to run our business, yet many of them don’t actually align with what we want from our lives. I read a report (which I mention in the book) about how 95% of the everyday decisions we make are not aligned with our goals and this really shocked me.

It wasn’t until I considered how I make the best decisions and compared these to how I make the worst decisions before I found out how to correct this.

In Successful Business Minds I go into detail on this but essentially the familiar 4-minds concept (mind, body, heart & soul) is a really good way to help you make the best decisions (business and personal). As an accountant, I knew the financial decision method (How do you calculate if an investment is worthwhile?) but often the decisions we make are non-financial especially the personal ones.

I have written various blogs, in addition to a book on this (see Is there a lack of trust behind your fear? and How do you apply value when your budget changes) but I’m going to give you a really quick guide that I mentally carry around with me now. Simply ask:

Can I physically do it and do I have the time?

Do I have the mental capacity and are my thoughts aligned positively with this?

How do I feel about it: what does my heart say?

Am I fully trusting and embracing this? If not, why not?

I really hope these help you as they do me. I have also included an image of each question below that you can carry around with you or save as your screenshot if you find one, in particular, is a challenge.

Helen Monaghan

Chartered Management Accountant and Author of 12 Steps to Improve Your CashflowSuccessful Business Minds, and The Magical Mix of Money & Tax.

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