How to make tough decisions in your business

Making decisions in your business is challenging. I discuss this in Successful Business Minds and explain how these decisions can be even harder when we have beliefs such ‘I’m not good enough‘, ‘I can’t make money out of that‘ and ‘I will let x down‘.

At times likes these you need to (a) explore those beliefs, and (b) check in with your 4 Minds.

I believe you are good enough. I believe you could make money out of it if you really put your mind to it and your passion behind it. And as for letting people down, well… you may or may not do, but I would really like to ask what about you, your family and your business?

You will never please everyone, that’s pretty much a fact. But if you make a decision that is in alignment with your 4 Minds, in the long run, you do have to trust that you made the right decision for you, your family and your business right now. That may result in a few changes with people you interact with, a change in your routine, or even a change in your environment.chge-trees

I am currently writing the sequel to Successful Business Minds. Mastering the 4 Minds: Developing compassionate resilience to build your inner strength. When you introduce a change in your business, resilience can be very useful. When you introduce a change in your personal life, inner strength is very useful. When you are handed a change in either (or have a change in both!), you’re going to be in for a pretty rough ride unless you have got this sorted!

Often we miss the early warning signs and it’s not until there is a full-blown war zone between our head, heart, body & soul before we take action. This action then tends to be angrily reactive as opposed to compassionately responsive. If you feel yourself in this place, or heading to this place, I recommend you read Successful Business Minds again and access the free resources. It was never a book written to be read once then put on the bookshelf never to be read again. The spine cover unconsciously helps with that 😉

Successful Business Minds was a book written to remind you what beliefs you have about money, success and other business owners and have that meeting of the minds each time a decision is being made. Because when change happens, it can often lead to different challenges, which is why it’s important to have all the minds onboard to establish full support for the decision being made. And let’s not forget about those changes that are outwith our control, called Life!

I believe Mastering the 4 Minds is crucial to our business and to our sanity. If you are finding yourself experiencing a lot of challenges as a result of conscious change, unconscious change, and/or uncontrollable change then I highly recommend that you check in with your 4 Minds regularly. I hope to have Mastering the 4 Minds out by autumn 2017 which will give you some great pointers to recognise any conflict with your 4 Minds during change and give practical tips to help you implement and manage that change whilst being compassionate and authentic. In the meantime please re-read Successful Business Minds again and consider coming along to one of our workshop or join up to our Mastering the 4 Minds Mastermind Group.

I also recommend two fabulous books that are hot off the press. One was officially launched on Friday and I went down to Hampshire to celebrate the proud moment with the author, and the other is actually not due out in paperback until January but it is available on kindle.

Manage Your Critic: A practical guide for parents, managers & entrepreneurs by Sheryl Andrews.

The Space Between: Creating conscious boundaries for deep connection & authentic alignment by Jennifer Main.

Both these books compliment Succesful Business Minds nicely and will help you implement change and build resilience and inner strength. There is also another fabulous book out soon, but I’m not allowed to tell you about that one yet…

If you haven’t got your copy of Successful Business Minds, you can get it from our website or you can get the Kindle version from Amazon. Additionally, if you would like some help and support, join our Mastering the 4 Minds Mastermind Group  or book your place on our Successful Business Minds Workshop.

Oh, and remember to keep 14th December 7-8pm free if you want help on How to Avoid Overwhelm when Completing Your Tax Return. Book your place HERE!

Love Helen x

To get your hands on a copy of Manage Your Critic by Sheryl Andrews follow this link.

To get your hands on a copy of The Space Between by Jennifer Main follow this link.


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