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Reviews of our eBook!

Our book is now on AMAZON. It is priced at £1.99 but free to those on Unlimited Kindle. But you can get your own pdf version here if you sign up to our free implementation support!

You have NOTHING TO LOSE and EVERYTHING TO GAIN but if you are unsure, see the great reviews so far below!

This book is amazing! Helen Monaghan really gets you thinking about straightforward ways to easily improve your business finances; in a thought-provoking, easy to digest way.”

“You know when people talk about a loss of common sense? Well, inside this book – that’s where it’s gone.”

“I recommend this to anyone….could so easy have been applied to life in many aspects too.”

“As I read, I was aware of subtle shifts in my attitude, understanding and confidence to tackle some of the areas I’ve been neglecting.”

“Helen speaks from the heart and her values, passion and integrity shine through in her writing.”

“With a mixture of practical strategies and mindset tips, I recommend this book to take back control of your finances.”

“I initially thought, ‘OMG, more stuff for me to read’ but actually your writing style has made it very accessible and I am really enjoying it.”

“There was a really important part of your ebook that made it sink in differently

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