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Tax Return Made Simple Series – Busting Challenge No.12

The following is a sample extract of an unedited draft chapter of our forthcoming book, Tax Return Made Simple which addresses each of the 12 challenges that stop most business owners from doing their tax return and their accounts.

Challenge 12: Not pricing effectively

Solution: Price effectively

When you came up with your price, how did you do it? Did you look around and see what everyone else was charging or did you just pluck a figure out of thin air?

If you answered yes to either of the above, I believe this is another unconscious reason why you put off doing your tax return and accounts. Deep down you know your price may not quite be right and you don’t want to be reminded each time you look at your accounts.

You are not alone. Most small businesses do this, however, that is not the right way to calculate your price. Again, in the resources, I have included a template that will allow you to price your products and services more effectively, but I will give you a summary, followed by an example below.

End of preview.

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