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What are you putting off and why?

goalsOften, but not always, procrastination involves putting off something because you fear it, or because you don’t actually want to do it, you just think you do as everyone else is doing it. However, sometimes it can simply be because you are tired or you are not giving it the head space.

After a refreshing break, even just a weekend, I always come back charged and raring to go. I do have to be careful I don’t let things run away with me and work far too many hours (see previous blog on why), but I love the energy of ploughing full steam ahead towards my goals. Even the ones that scare me.

On Monday evening I tackled something I had been planning on doing for a while. It was a task I had started but abandoned 3 weeks ago. I knew it would take me a while (on Monday night I racked up 2.5hrs) but I did it. There is more still to do but I feel happy about this week’s progress.

I believe I did it for 4 reasons:

  1. I went completely offline all weekend (that includes mobile off, no emails and no social media) to recharge.
  1. I went offline again Monday evening, the moment I left the office.
  1. It was bugging me as it was preventing me from making progress on my goals (writing more books!)
  1. I made a commitment to it and told my coach and others in a group.

Looking after ourselves is crucial if we want to achieve our goals. I talk about that in Successful Business Minds. Talking time offline to recharge and reconnect to what we want is also crucial. I talk about that in Successful Business Minds too.

Going after our goals is something I believe we are supposed to do. If you ever ignore that pull towards your goal you will continually be frustrated. This happens because I believe we have goals for a reason. You are being called to do those goals for a reason. They are your purpose.

Making a commitment to yourself, your coach/ mentor and others is crucial too. It works for lots of different reasons. That’s why I am holding mastermind groups every 4 weeks from 5th September to help other business owners have a business that supports the life they want. I am doing that because I get so much from the mastermind groups I am part of and I know my clients only achieve their goals when they are committed to them.

On that note, I am going to make a commitment to you. I am going to write another book (Finance for Couples) and produce a workbook for Successful Business Minds by January 2017. In order to do this, I am going to have to manage my time effectively, ask for more support and ensure I have days off. I have also booked into a writer’s retreat (

I had always thought that a retreat was something that was overpriced and not relevant to me. I could surely do that at home myself or take myself off alone somewhere? Maybe. But that has never happened no matter how many times I attempted to do so! I did write a book (and an ebook) between June 2015 and April 2016 at home. It was tough though and I learnt lots. I learnt that it will only happen if you give it the time and the space to materialise and surround yourself by those who can help you.

This is why I have booked 5 days away between 22-27th September to Spain on a writing retreat. I want to make this happen and after the first two books, I am being pulled more than ever to write more. I have just filled one notebook in 10 days!

I had every excuse not to go. Besides using savings to pay for it and my business about to enter the busiest period of the year, the dates clashed with my 40th birthday and by going it meant I would be working on my birthday and be away from my partner. Yet when we strive for our goals it never feels like work. Additionally, my partner has helped me celebrate many birthdays before and I’m sure there will be more to come. I can also be like the queen and have two birthdays and celebrate wth my partner when I get back!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate an important birthday than writing and being surrounded by people who I now call my friends that will help me to write more books and help me fulfil my purpose.

So what will you do today that will take you closer to your goals, to your message, to your purpose?

Helen x

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