Would you like to overcome accounts overwhelm?

How many times do you write ‘Do accounts/tax return’ in your diary or on your ‘to-do’ list only for it to be rescheduled for another day? Or maybe you sit down, log onto the computer to access your accounts, only to get distracted by something else. Anything to stop the feeling or thought that says you really don’t want to do this…

There are many reasons why you don’t want to. Perhaps you’d much rather be doing fun and creative things than your accounts. I totally resonate with that! I love accounts but I love writing books, meeting up with friends, studying psychology and being outside hill-walking or cycling.

There are many reasons why it never happens until you have no choice but to do so. Perhaps it’s about setting aside the time or knowing what can and cannot be claimed.

But what if it could be different? 

Imagine how you would feel if you were to get your accounts submitted months before the deadline. You’d be able to enjoy Christmas and January without having to worry about the possible tax bill. You would know how much or how little you owed and have the money aside, or be working towards saving up. And you would feel so much better having transparency over your money. I had one client recently tell me she was going to be able to sleep really well now knowing how quickly she could pay back her debt and what effect a change in sales and expenses had on this.

I have a mixture of year-end dates across my clients and yet a large chunk of them have the popular 31st March. You might be one of them. Some of my clients get their accounts in early, usually within 3 months of their year-end date, others can be between 4-6 months and then there are some that send me their accounts 1-2 months before they are due to be filed. I don’t judge as I know how hard it is to run a business and juggle your time between doing things you love doing and things you ‘have’ to do. This was why I wrote Succcessful Business Minds. It was written to help you understand your money beliefs and how they may be preventing you from doing the things you love doing whilst ensuring the survival of your business by making a profit and keeping up to date with your accounts. It covers money mindset, what success really is for you, fears and time management, amongst a few other things.

I’ll be honest with you. I wrote Successful Business Minds to help myself too. As I wrote this blog, I’m currently sitting surrounded with a few 31st March year-end accounts to finalise and file before my Christmas holidays. Someone asked me if I was organised for Christmas yet. I laughed and said that being organised for Christmas was similar to most business owners doing their tax return by the summer. I put it off until I have no other option but to face it. You see, I leave things to the last minute too and that’s ok, until it no longer feels good anymore.

If you still have your tax return to do, or would like help to make it easier next year, please join me and Alisoun Mackenzie on Wednesday 14th December in a webinar that we are putting together to help you. Alisoun will be asking me lots of questions and I hope to be able to answer them! Please note it will be recorded but you must sign up first.

I want to give you practical tips on how to overcome common challenges such as finding the time, dealing with resistance, advice on where and how to start and what you can and cannot claim as a business expenses.

Please join me on the webinar and allow me to help you overcome your accounts and tax return dread. And you’ll be helping me be better organised for Christmas next year ;-).

Love Helen x

If you would like to buy Successful Business Minds, you can get the paperback here and the Kindle version here.

If you would like to listen to the webinar (and even ask a question!) sign up here.

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