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Financial Resilience Consultant


I know how unsettling it can feel when there is a lack of money and in contrast, I know what it feels like to have a solid financial foundation to withstand a storm.

I’d much rather you had a solid financial foundation, than any unsettling lack…

I am a chartered management accountant with a second degree in psychology and am the CEO of a small accountancy practice that specialises in financial resilience and behavioural economics and am the founder of The Financial Resilience Hub.

I have also published business books and written hundreds of blogs/ articles relating to finance, tax, the business owner’s journey, and the psychology of money and tax.

My ongoing training in accounting, tax, and psychology, together with my ongoing business experiences, give me the credentials to help you!

To give you more background, in 1998, I graduated from the University of Stirling with an accountancy degree and worked in various accountancy roles with small businesses throughout Scotland. I gained my professional accountancy qualification in 2006 but didn’t start my own business until 2012.  The financial resilience hub was launched in 2022.

I have always been keen to understand why we do the thing we do, and in 2020 gained a second degree in psychology through the Open University. I have since been exploring it further in the context of behavioural economics.