• 17 Lessons

    12 Steps to improve your cash flow

    Only available to members of The Financial Resilience Hub  

  • 15 Lessons

    Accounting for Cryptocurrency: Overview

    An introduction on how to account for cryptocurrencies, and what tax relates to the profit you make.

  • 15 Lessons

    Behavioural Economics: An introduction

    What you need to know to make better financial decisions in your business.

  • 1 Lesson

    Benefits in Kind: An Introduction

    Ever wondered what your accountant means when they say you must declare that as a benefit in kind? Or are you looking for more information on how to keep on the right side of HMRC when it comes to reporting benefits in kind? COMING SOON!
  • 13 Lessons

    Defy the odds to thrive in your business

    In 2019, the UK National Statistics 2019 reported the majority of businesses only have an average lifespan of 0-8½ years.  To thrive in your business, you clearly need to defy the odds!

  • 2 Lessons

    Director Loan: Best Practice Guide

    Ever wondered what your accountant is referring to when s/he says you have to pay back your director loan? Ever wondered why there was anything to pay back at all?! This course will explain what a director loan account is, how it comes into existence, when it's ok to be left, and when it must be repaid back. COMING SOON!
  • 11 Lessons

    Dividends – all you need to know

    This course is for directors of a limited company wishing to understand the rule surrounding dividends. We'll cover everything you need to do know about dividends, including the pros and cons of taking dividends over a salary, and when it is illegal to pay out dividends. It will also cover why your accountant says you have overpaid dividends and must either repay back or increase your director loan account. It is also suited to those thinking about becoming a limited company and are looking for information about what can and cannot be done with dividends.
  • 11 Lessons

    End of tax year checklist

    This course is suited to sole traders or anyone who has to complete a UK self-assessment.

  • 1 Lesson

    Financial Abundance: The inner guide to wealth

    Looking for financial abundance? This course will guide you through the secrets and myths of achieving abundance in your life, by stepping away from lack, limitation, and helplessness. COMING SOON!
  • 1 Lesson

    Financial Freedom: Secrets and myths exposed

    Ever wondered why some millionaires make it, but most people who win the lottery are broke within 5 years? COMING SOON!
  • 2 Lessons

    FreeAgent FAQ

    Here we’ll answer as many questions as we can that come to us in the hub, or further afield, on how to process certain things…
  • 16 Lessons

    FreeAgent: What it is and how to get started

    This course pulls together an introduction workshop held by FreeAgent for financial resilience hub members, replies to questions, articles freely provided by FreeAgent, and additional information from our certified FreeAgent Practitioner  
  • 2 Lessons

    Helpful Guides

    Available to all financial resilience hub members for free. If you are not a financial resilience hub member, you can buy our helpful guides directly…
  • 1 Lesson

    How to pay yourself from your limited company

    Ever wondered how best to pay yourself from your limited company? Do you pay a salary, dividends, or both?  What's the best mix, and what about a pension? Also, what are the pros and cons of having a company car and access to private healthcare? We'll explore all these options and more. COMING SOON!
  • 13 Lessons

    How to reduce your payments on account

    If you would like to know what payments on account are and how you can reduce them, then this course is for you. This step-by-step guide will tell you all you need to know about self-assessment payments on account and how you can reduce your tax bill, by legitimately reducing your payments on account.
  • 10 Lessons

    Marketing 101: The Foundations Required

    How effective is your marketing? What are you doing about it, and which action (if any) is causing you more harm than good?
  • 4 Lessons

    Money Meditations

    Only available to members of The Financial Resilience Hub
  • 8 Lessons

    Payroll – all you need to know

    This course is for you if you are registered as an employer and looking to do your own payroll, or perhaps you would like to understand the payment you are told to make each month to HMRC. It is also suited to those who are thinking of becoming an employer and want to know more. We'll cover everything you need to do know about payroll responsibilities, and help you to understand more about PAYE itself and what makes up the amount you need to pay to HMRC each month.
  • 1 Lesson

    Pensions: An introduction for Directors of Limited Companies

    Are you the only Director in your limited company? Or perhaps it is you and your partner as joint Directors. This course will introduce you to the options available to you, in your limited company, to save for retirement. COMING SOON!
  • 1 Lesson

    Pensions: An introduction for employers

    Are you a new employer and heard you need to register with a pension provider? Or are you looking for more information as to how best to manage your workplace pension? COMING SOON!
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