12 Steps to improve your cash flow

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Helen · July 8, 2022

This is where the concepts behind The Financial Resilience Hub all began!

The course Sort your finances for good and the foundations of The Financial Resilience Hub itself were built on the eBook 12 Steps to Improve your Cashflow by Helen Monaghan (first published on Amazon in September 2015). We have included the original content for nostalgic purposes – with a few grammar updates only – as we wanted to acknowledge that the real launch of The Financial Resilience Hub, occurred 7 years before 2022.

Plus, an author never forgets their first book, nor lets anyone else forget it either… 😉

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Helen Monaghan, is the founder of the Financial Resilience Hub and CEO of HM Finance Coaching & Advisory Ltd. Helen is a chartered management accountant with a second degree in psychology, who is passionate about empowering the business owner about money, tax and resilience.

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