Book Launch Diary: 10 days to go!

Successful Business Minds - FrontCoverSunday was a day for catching up and brainstorming some creative thoughts.

To say I have allowed my personal admin to slide over the last 6 weeks would be an understatement. I love taking as much care over my personal finances as much as my business finances but even with the best of intentions things have slipped the last few weeks.

If I am honest I hadn’t intended on doing it, it was going to have to wait another week but I had some psychology homework to do so decided to procrastinate! 😉

It was useful though as I was able to have a conversation over lunch with my partner at how much we had spent the last 3 months in comparison to the same 3 months last year. He was surprised in a good way at some categories (ie groceries) but he was a little annoyed at how much he had spent on petrol. It’s a bug bear of his – but he loves driving his car and riding his motorbike…

So why is this useful? It allows us to budget (plan ahead) and it allows us to have a greater awareness of our costs. That doesn’t mean we don’t spend money on these things it just allows us to be more mindful when spending our money.

After lunch, I went for a walk and pondered over some ideas my friend Lorraine Murray gave me on Saturday night for the book launch. I came up with a few exciting things, one being a competition! Stay tuned to hear more about it! 🙂

After lunch I made a start on my Open University homework, then was on a roll so I tackled some of the housework after dinner.

I fell asleep a lot calmer knowing I was up to date with things (or at least more than I had been that morning). I wish I could say I got a good night’s sleep but the thought of picking up my books on Wednesday night is just way too exciting! I have techniques that I can use to make me more present with my day but hey experiencing a life long dream coming true doesn’t happen every day right?

Reach for your dreams and when you get them allow yourself to experience the joy and the excitement. After all, you’ve had weeks, months and years of frustration… But remember to keep up to date with those finances! 😉

© Helen Monaghan

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