Free Chapter in honour of Helen’s Gran on World Book Day!

I’ve just found out it’s World Book Day and I couldn’t let the day go by without some sort of mentioned of books…

But, well the reason I wasn’t quite on it, is because it’s also the anniversary of my gran’s death. She was my best friend for over 40 years and she’s the one to blame for my love of books. I will never forget the first day she took me to the mobile library (I lived in a small village…), and then later to a proper library!

She inspired me in so many ways when she was alive and continues to do so even now. Today, for example, she guided me towards a stack of books in the supermarket (although to be fair, I don’t need much encouragement…) and it was then I noticed it was World Book Day!

Therefore, in honour of her life and the gifts she gave me I’m sharing the last chapter of our latest book: The Magical Mix of Money & Tax which was written in her honour.

Chapter 14 – A parting gift

I hope you enjoyed this book and are now on your way to filing last year’s tax return, (if it’s still not done), and making great progress with this year too!

Remember to identify your pain point and commit to change, question your beliefs and be very clear about the time you have available and what your priorities are. It’s crucial you take action, be mindful of how you feel about money and your attitude towards tax. Furthermore, be very clear on what you can claim and what return your expenditure is giving you. In addition, ensure your budgeting and pricing effectively and above all, stop following the herd.

Before we say goodbye, I want to share with you a motivational story about a lady who inspired me for over forty years and continues to do through the stories my family tell.

Flora was a very special lady who endured a lot of challenges in her life and although she grumbled (don’t we all?!) she would just get on with whatever hand she was dealt. She lost her husband in a road accident when she was in her thirties, leaving her with three children all under the age of eleven years old. She worried a lot, yet she knew that she could only change what was under her control. Flora was always there for anyone who needed her (family, friends and especially stray cats…)

During the Second World War, when Flora was of eligible age, she decided with her friends that they would all sign up for the RAF (Royal Air Force) and agreed to meet the following day to volunteer together. When Flora arrived at the town hall, she was the only one who had turned up. Standing outside the building, she had two choices: (1) go back to her friends, listen to all the excuses as to why they didn’t go through with it, believe they were all valid reasons and live her life in their shadow or (2) choose what she really felt was the right thing for her, despite having to do it alone.

She chose the latter.

This was someone who lived by her own values and did what she felt was the right thing to do. Had Flora, my gran, not done her own thing, she may never have met my grandpa and I may never have been born! Thus you have Flora’s courageousness to thank for having my book in your hand today…

My gran always been an inspiring role model and I pass on the above personal story in the hope that you too, take the right action for you. Choose the right thing for you to do, even if you think you’re alone whilst doing it. The alternative, is to listen to all the excuses from everyone around you believing they’re all valid and live in the shadows of others who reach for their financial success.

Helen Monaghan

Chartered Management Accountant and Author of 12 Steps to Improve Your CashflowSuccessful Business Minds, and The Magical Mix of Money & Tax.

© HM Finance Coaching Ltd

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