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Best Financial Practices

The Financial Resilience Hub is dedicated to sharing the best financial practices you can implement in your business immediately. Our aim is to empower you around money and tax, helping you to run a profitable business effectively and efficiently. Helen Monaghan, the founder, has been working with business owners for over 25 years, and headed up her own business for over ten year now.

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Financial Jargon Explained

We want you to be financially empowered with financial jargon, not bamboozled. Our short training programs, combined with shared knowledge and insights are created with you in mind. By joining the Financial Resilience Hub you will gain clarity around accounting, payroll, and other financial concepts, helping you to feel confident when speaking with your accountant and financial adviser.

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The Financial Resilience Hub Team

Helen Monaghan

Helen Monaghan

Founder @ Financial Resilience Hub
Advisor, Coach and Accountant

Margaret Ward

Assistant @ HM Finance Coaching
Accounts Extraordinaire

Albert Sola

Technology Consultant @ Tardix
Platform developer

An accountant with a heart and fabulous coaching skills

Julie Begbie

Founder of Happy Side Hustle, Theta Jewellery and Julie Begbie Associates.

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