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Business & Book: A year on…

It was recently the first anniversary of the publication of Successful Business Minds and as I was travelling on a 5hr flight I took some time out to reflect on the year gone by. So much has happened since that awesome night (re-read the blog here).

It’s been a year full of surprises and new experiences but also some challenges. I gave my comfort zone a bit of a stretch by speaking at many events plus I held a few workshops in collaboration with other business owners. My business expanded (I employed another employee) and then it contracted (it didn’t work out, mainly due to logistics, systems and processes). In hindsight I likely jumped into the deep end a bit too quick. I was just a tad excited after the whole book launch thing…

A couple of clients who had been with me for a while went off and did their own thing after we grew apart, which then created space for me to welcome new clients and give more support to existing clients. I lost my gran (hence the lack of blogs lately…). She had Advanced Alzheimer’s which rapidly took hold around the time Successful Business Minds was published, and died a couple of months ago. I took some time out which helped me to get through the immediate pain and cut back on non-essential activities when I prioritised my own needs and those of my family. I also reached out to another accountant, Michelle, to help me out (which has gone really well) and Margaret, who has been with me for almost 3 years now has been as great as ever.

I had a month’s holiday traveling in Canada, 5 days in south west Spain at a writing retreat (writing the next book!) and more recently a short holiday with my partner. I have travelled around the UK attending some book launches and been given a preview of some great new books (an author’s perk that I like very much!).

I have been blessed with so much support from my family and friends who have all encouraged me to reach for my dreams and turn them into achievable goals, whilst also carrying me through the more personal challenging times. I wrote Successful Business Minds for you but also for my younger self and I still occasionally read a chapter or two to remind myself when things are getting a little misaligned (hence the reason the next book is about Mastering the 4 Minds).

As I was writing the next book, I uncovered another deep-rooted money/success belief! This one surprised me and yet I now see it shining like a big neon light but you’ll have to wait for the next book to find out more…

I see changing times ahead for my clients and me. Many of my clients have already experienced change or are currently going through it. One client applied for a MBA scholarship programme after reading the book (and got it!). Others have changed their sole trader business to a limited company, reached the VAT threshold after hitting the highest levels of income ever in the business, or seen a change in who brings the most income (them or their partner). I too am sensing a small shift in my business as my priorities change. Our business never stands still and our dreams are always changing which is why we must regularly ask ‘What do we want?’.

The best thing I love about all this change amongst us all, is that we are embracing the change as it now gives us a business that supports a life we want to wake up to each day. We have more joy in our day and have more freedom.

If your business is still not the way you want it, the re-read Successful Business Minds again. And if you’ve not yet read it then what have you been doing all this time?! Stop procrastinating and get your copy today!

Love Helen x

P.s. If you would like to hear more about my author’s journey, or others, then come along to the Author’s Journey Networking Event on 30th June in Edinburgh. It’s been a wonderful ride so far but it has also come with some challenges but they have been easily overcome with support from other authors and business owners.

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