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Who do we support first? Our clients, our families, our friends or ourselves?

I have a confession to make…

The last few weeks have been incredibly busy helping most of my clients respond financially to the Covid-19 isolation impact on their business, but whilst I did my best to remain upbeat and positive with them, I found myself concerned about the long term impact their loss of sales would have on my own business. I then signed up for an online network event to ‘get out there and drum up some more business’, but I got something much more in return.

I remembered that whilst networking is great for gaining support from other businesses, my business is supported when I support my clients.

As a qualified management accountant, I know how important sales (and profit) are to a business. However, as a human being, I know how important relationships are and as a social psychology student, I know how connected we all are, whether we can see it or not.

When we buy a product or have a service delivered, we are connecting people. Ourselves to the business itself, then to the individual who delivers it, whether that be the person, or people behind an event, or the postie who delivers our product, plus there are so many others in between.

Business is about people coming together to fulfill a need and a desire. Let’s not forget that. To grow our business (or simply to just keep it ticking along just now), we only have to look at our own personal life to see what’s important: relationships.

Invest time and energy in those relationships you wish to have, and be part of, in your life and business.

Personally, as an introvert, that’s a delicate balance for me. I like time on my own and have always found the need to withdraw a little, whilst I focus on the balance of serving my clients and keeping in touch with my family & friends. My need for downtime is important as it helps me stay calm but at the moment, sadly when I need it the most, it has created a bit of a conflict.

Spinning Gyroscope on Wire

Currently, I sway between being there for my clients, my family, and my friends, all whilst I try and keep up to date with all the government support. Only when I’m totally exhausted I retreat from everyone and hide-away with a book, but I soon feel guilty and so the cycle starts again…

I don’t have all the answers right now but I know most of my friends who have businesses are in a similar situation, and each day we are just doing the best we can. Truthfully, right now, that’s all we can do.

Each day is filled with opportunity and it will guide us if we let.

For example, I thought I was going to write about doing a tax return today for #financefriday but I wrote this instead…

Challenges in our life and business, remind us of a simple fact, that I believe we all too often forget in business, and for that I am grateful. We’re human.

So let’s invite in more human connections at this time, whether it’s a call, a video chat, an email or text, but something just to say “Hi” and let them know you’re thinking of them, whether that be a client, a family member, a friend or an acquaintance. However, take time out to connect with your own thoughts, feelings and inner guidance too.

As always, take care x

Helen Monaghan

Chartered Management Accountant and Author of 12 Steps to Improve Your CashflowSuccessful Business Minds, and The Magical Mix of Money & Tax.

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