Book Launch Diary: 14 days (Eek!)


Eek! It has gone to the printers!!

14 days before the launch was not quite what I had planned! The last two weeks have been a tad stressful and it’s not over… I still have a book launch to prepare for and have to finish creating the free resources that come with the book.

However, for tonight I am going to enjoy a small glass ofĀ Prosecco. I have a pilot finance masterclass tomorrow so can’t be hungover hence the small bottle šŸ˜‰

I still can’t believe this is happening and I don’t think the reality will kick until I have the book in my hands. It still feels a bit surreal if I am honest.

I wish I could have told my younger self to believe it was possible and encouraged her to reach for her dreams sooner but maybe it was supposed to be this way. As I mention a few blogs ago, we can do it all on our own but it will be a lot easier if we ask for help and value that help.

Very often I come across business owners who want to do it all by themselves too and/or they want to keep their costs low. I do encourage you to only spend what you have, but I also encourage you to value what you get for your money.

We all value things different. But each of us go through a series of questions either consciously or unconsciously when we are about to buy something. I go into detail in the book, however, we can sabotage this process if we don’t love ourselvesĀ and believe we don’t deserve it.

I often have clients ask me –What should I be doing? I help them to answer that question by assessing their passions and skills or refer them on to someone else who is good in that field. Yet, I believe they know the answer deep down. They just don’t believe it is possible for them.

I never thought it was possibleĀ either. But gradually the more I began to love myself and become friends with my mind, I realised it was.

The message to you tonight is:

Love yourself. Put yourself first.Ā Believe it is possible for you.

Ā© Helen Monaghan

If you would like to order a copy of the book Successful Business Minds for Ā£14.99 + P&P you can do so below.

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